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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  June 27, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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as fox 5 morning news at 7 continues now. another nice start to what will be another nice day. a live lookout side, crystal clear picture. tucker will be along in a moment to give you your forecast, wednesday june 27th. i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour. >> the summer is already slipping away. >> don't say that it just officially started. >> it is june 27th already. give us another good one i am already in mourning for the end of summer. >> believe me after this weekend you will not be mourning for summertime. your current temperatures very comfortable another nice start to your day overnight falling back to 50s and low 60s. baltimore, dulles 61, fredericksburg, 67 for you ocean city, 54 degrees. menty of visibility, low humidity not much water in the
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atmosphere very dry, beautiful day. satellite radar look how quiet it is, not a lot to talk about a lot of heat out to the west that will start to build in here later this afternoon warmer than yesterday, but really as we get into thursday and particularly friday and the weekend temperatures will jump. more on that coming up. today, enjoy another beautiful afternoon low humidity, nice and dry, highs mid-to upper 80s. this is about where we should be, 87 washington, 86 la plata. now to traffic and julie wright has your latest. >> with this new waze feature we are talking traffic times, accidents on the shoulder, police activity, why not weather, it is coming. travelling northbound i-95, down to 40 miles an hour through lorton a new feature if you are out and about and want to find the cheapest gas we will tell you but again,
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manassas, now let's see if we can get a pop up here, liberia road, manassas, gas as low as 3.29 according to wasers, here off liberia, 3.59 for premium. thank you for checking in with your information. a slow ride on that outer loop as you continue to work your way between college park and bethesda, delays on the outer loop as well, 450, average speed here in 50, maryland down to 24 miles an hour that ride, college park headed over to 29, a 12 minute commute lanes open southbound 95, good out of laurel. west of 66th, capital belt way, 31 minute commute, no incidents to report in your way. thanks julie. new this morning an appeal for your help to find this missing teen. we are showing you her picture now she is 17-year-old satima
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erica williams she was last seen last night 5:00 p.m. leeing her home on murray hill drive fort washington maryland. now we know she spoke with her case worker 9:00 p.m. last night that case worker says she has a mental capacity of a 12-year-old and is worried about her. williams was last seen wearing a light blue shirt, light blue capri pants carrying a pink purse. a man is in custody as a 28 hour police stand off in falls church comes to anened the suspect bare -- to an end. the suspect barricaded himself inside a house he was finally arrested laciniate police were responding to domestic disturbance when the stand off began. they believe the suspect had gun and were fired a shot as they -- and fired a shot as they helped two family members out of the house. virginia now at the center for the race for the white house.
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mitt romney spends a second day in the common wealth. >> while bob mcdonald seems to change his tune. sherry lee is in the newsroom with developments from the campaign trail. >> good morning. with just over 4 months before election day the gloves are off, president obama and the presumptive republican nominee, mitt romney are trading barbs on the campaign trail the president back home after making stops in atlanta and miami yesterday. the president went on the attack over jobs, taxes health care. it is a pivotal week for the president with the supreme court set the rule tomorrow on his health care law. romney wants it over turned the president told the cloud in atlanta the country couldn't need to refight this -- country doesn't need to refight this battle over health care reform. >> it is the right thing to do to give 30 million people health insurance who didn't have it before. >> the first three and a half years of the president's term will have been wasted on
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something that didn't help the american people. >> reporter: mitt romney making a campaign stop in se lem yesterday. he backed the president over what he calls obama care if the supreme court up holds the law, he said americans will need a president like him to stop it and replace it with common sense reform. he heads to sterling for a campaign event at a business. virginia is a key swing state having the common wealth republican governor on the ticket could boost romney governor mcdonald seems to be changing his tune now. his name has been mentioned as possible vp candidates yesterday he switched from flat denial last month he was being considered and now refused to discuss the process or whether he was in the running he referred questions to romney's campaign. >> president obama will attend a private campaign event in dv today things -- dc today things should heat up tomorrow with
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the ruling on health care reform. whatever the court decides it will have a major impact on the presidential race. thank you so much. other news now looks like new york congressman wrangle will keep his house seat the long time representative beat four challengers yesterday. it was his first test since the house of representatives sensorred him in 2010. he is expected to win in the november general election as democrats greatly outnumber republicans in new york city. and another big story this morning, the decision the reinstate the university of virginia's president. theresa sullivan resigned effective in august but the up roar that followed forced the board to reverse its decision. john was in charlottesville and has more on the outcome. >> reporter: theresa sullivan
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surrounded by university of vir jane yeah students is back in -- virginia students is back in charge. a crowd of 2500 faculty, staff, students alumna gathered on the lawn designed by thomas jefferson they came to express support for sullivan, who was pressured to resign this month by some board members for alleged failure of vision. >> rector helen dragas apologized for the process, then joined in a unanimous vote reinstating sullivan as president to the jube lent crowd outside theresa sullivan praised the board for reconsidering its previous position. >> this is not a sign of weakness on their part but sign of strength and deliberation. >> reporter: why did so many students rally to support their embattled president. >> she is personally significant to me. i transferred to the university from the community college and
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theresa sullivan spoke and personally walked me through the university. she has a personal touch in addition to being an amazing administrator. >> reporter: last week she said she would not come back unless rector dragas left the board of visitors at the meeting she did not offer to resign. sullivan will apparently live with that decision. >> how would you describe your relationship with ms. dragas. >> we had a cordial meeting today. >> reporter: not exactly a kum bye ya moment but she did stress unity. in charlottesville, fox 5 news. other top stories, student loan rates set to double this weekend there is a chance more than 7 million students won't have to worry about that. senate leaders have reached a
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deal that would prevent interest rates on college loans from doubles to 6 .8%, come sunday. the agreement would freeze rates over another year. house gop leaders are expected to discuss the deal this morning and decide whether it is acceptable. the extension would be paid for by raising premiums on federal pension insurance. a bill in senate that would have given the district of columbia more control over the city budget is with drawn because dc leaders say too much was being tacked on to it. amendments were attached that would have relaxed the district's gun laws. rand paul introduced amendments making it easier for people to carry concealed weapons. >> maryland now where montgomery county students will no longer receive flyers from nonprofits when they return to school. montgomery county board of education banned nonprofits from handing out leaflets to middle and high schoolers. the new policy is a result of an incident that took place
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earlier this year, when an organization sent home a flyer, that many students and educators thought was anti gay. 9 coming up 10 minutes after 7:00 a.m. on wednesday morning still ahead, another harsh reminder of the war in afghanistan hits close to home. a wild fire of epic proportion in colorado changes direction and now chasing tens of thousands from their homes. reaction from people in its path and an update where things stand this morning. for years the bcs has been a constant target for criticism now the days of bold and poles to determine a champion are coming to an end. details of the new playoff system. i love that song. thanks so much. as we head to break a live lookout side look at the latest weather and traffic from truck ever tucker and julie -- tucker and julie
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homicide of young people in america has an impact on all of us. how can we save these young people's lives? as a police chief i have an opportunity to affect what happens in a major city. i learned early on if you want to make a difference you have to have the right education. university of phoenix opened the door. my name is james craig, i'm committed to making a difference and i am a phoenix.
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after sitting motionless for days off the florida panhandle, debbi which has weakened to a tropical depression could head out the see as early as this afternoon but not before drenching parts of the state with up to 26 inches of rain causing serious flooding. officials there are warning of potential dangers of walking in the knee deep water, there could be snakes, and fire ants in that water. meanwhile the wild fire situation in colorado is intensifying. >> the blaze burning out of control for days is now forcing tens of thousands to evacuate near colorado springs. will is back with the very latest. >> good morning what a mess this is out there, the evacuations you just spoke of include about 2100 people living on the grounds of the nearby airforce academy.
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right now the base is closed with only mission essential personnel and those in direct support of cadet activities told to report for duty. record breaking heat is making it nearly impossible to control wild fires raging in colorado. tuesday was the fifth consecutive day temperatures of 100 degrees or higher and there is no relief in sight. 32,000 people in colorado springs have evacuated, many in panic as the waldo canyon fire rages out of control. >> it is getting way too close they won't let us out i can't believe they are not getting people out of here faster. >> yeah, an hour ago i took a picture it was -- you can see the ridge now you can't see anything. >> wind gusts up to 65 miles per hour pushed flames over the second containment lines into neighbourhoods. multiple homes burned in the mountains shadow community in the western foothills. >> this is a fire storm of epic proportions, we are being watched across the country how we handle it and it is
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absolutely important we understand, that right now, as we sit and breathe right over the hill, we've got a tonne of people, firefighters, from the county, the city, the state, the feds, all of us arm in arm putting this think out as we speak. three times the wind has changed and left going north and came right back at us again. the fire broke out saturday. firefighters thought they had the upper hand. >> obviously when you have weather like we have just seen it is dry, hot you get those winds, we have the greatest firefighters on earth fighting this fire and there isth inning they can do when you get this weather. >> a little more about the evacuees as we mentioned they include 2100 people living at the u.s. airforce academy we have a few pictures sent in to fox 5 from a former fox 5 writer who actually lives there. you can see the skies just black from smoke around the grounds of the academy. another shot of the wild fire closing in from the surrounding hillsides it is just ominous.
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as it inches closer to these structures airforce is assisting in the battle to knock down the wild fire supplying four, c-130 air tanningers able to carry -- tankers able to carry equipment to drop retardant on the flames. these winds making it difficult to get a handle on the flames. >> yeah, and looks like tucker is telling us it will continue to be windy again today. >> yeah, and humidity the big issue so low, 5 or 10%, humidity that low there is not a whole lot firefighters can do. >> meanwhile our forecast we have a very good forecast. >> beautiful yesterday, beautiful today, high temperatures a little warmer than yesterday, mid-to upper 80s but without much humidity around here, this will feel good but our trend will be changing, in a big way around here as we get to the end of the week. enjoy today. 70 degrees washington lots of 50s overnight much of the area, in the low 60s this morning so nice looking start to our day. want to show you the national map for a minute and talk about
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temperatures out west. check out dallas, 83 degrees, yesterday it was 101, wichita falls texas yesterday, 106, a lot of heat you can see it stretching all the way from tex it is a to da co-- texas, to dakotas, 71 fargo, those warmer temperatures along with heat and humidity and haze headed in our direction later this week. we will be in for a big time warm up close to 100 by friday and this weekend. >> sentinel radar, generally quiet, across florida, left overs with tropical depression debbie, otherwise we are looking at quiet conditions a little bit of rain shower activity in western colorado, hopefully that will hold together and help with the wild fire but generally speaking, they are looking at continued dry conditions for the next couple days. your five day forecast, low humidity plenty of season shine check out your weekend forecast high temperatures getting close to 100 degrees around here friday, saturday and sunday.
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so, heat advisory back in the forecast for the end of the week. well, we are on top of it so we are warm. >> summer time in washington. to julie wright now the latest on this mornings rush hour traffic. >> again, checking out the ride coming in from the west, lees burg pike toward reston, one of our fox 5 wazers checking in sees heavy traffic, headed in towards tysons just want to compare gas prices as you make your way around the dmv thank you for checking, go under studies and see the -- settings and see the little icon for gas. different gas stations are available, not just exxon but bp. everything. >> sistering 3.45 for regular, 3.75 premium in sterling. lanes open, travelling toward the wilson bridge, earlier we had a stalled car, that has
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cleared. trouble now, southbound 95, 212 checking for accident activity outer loop through college park still below speed, 14 minute commute, colesville road, southeast, to south capital, a 13 minute ride, that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. all right julie thank you very much. two local families mourning the loss of their loved ones who were serving in afghanistan. >> death 06 these two marines -- death of these two marines is a harsh reminder war in afghanistan is taking a toll on our military. lance corporal seres and mills drew up in different towns in wash tong area, -- washington area, they were assigned to two different marine regiments but their lives ended just hours apart. cody sears was killed saturday, days after his 23rd birthday, by a roadside bomb during a combat operation his mother, susan says her son was a
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talented musician says he wanted to be in afghanistan because he believed in the cause. susan was travelling in australia when she received the devastating news when she got home she had a gift from her son waiting for her. >> he had sent me when i got home two beautiful beautiful bow kays, very exotic flowers and he always had such exquisite, sophisticated taste there were two bouquets with beautiful notes just because you are always here for me mom i love you see you soon and you know the other one i love you with all my heart. >> lance corporal seres remains arrived at dover airforce base in delaware around midnight his mother and others were there to welcome him home. in laurel maryland flags are flying at half staff to
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honor lance corporal eugene the third. his remains arrived back in the u.s. yesterday afternoon his family plans to bury him at arlington national cemetery the family is mourning but celebrating his life and focussing on the good times his father remembers him as a loving person and feels fortunate to have had one last phone call, with his son. >> one more mission i will be home in a month. he goes, hey, pops, just so you know i come home, i said absolutely. my world change june 22nd. >> his 17-year-old brother is also proud of his older brother he enrolled in a delayed entry program and hopes to become a marine when he graduates from high school. condolences to those families. 7:22 a.m. right now, 70 degrees on wednesday morning still ahead a long awaited honor for a group
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of marines that helped break the militaries color barrier. >> free and anonymous, federal health officials are bringing awareness to the spread of hiv what they are doing up next. >> helping schools in need with a make over hundreds of volunteers will spend the day at a prince georges county middle school giving it a much needed upgrade holly is there with details about this unique project a little later. 7:23 a.m.
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today is national hiv testing day, anyone between the ages of 13 and 64, are urged to get tested for the virus, to make it easier, cdc is announcing plans to offer rapid testing at drugstores in a couple dozen cities. fox 5 morning news will be speaking live with someone from whitman walker health clinic on the importance of getting
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tested. ift first african americans allowed to join the marine corps are getting their first congressional gold medals they trained in jacksonville north carolina the 40s. they faced discrimination and prejudice. about 400 of the original 20,000 are left they have been invited to a two day celebration today. 7:27 a.m. on wednesday morning, the nats deliver in colorado, and the caps full-timely have a new head -- finally have a new head coach. sports is next. uva reinstated its popular president coming up a closer look at the board's decision to give theresa sullivan her job back. >> as we head to break a live lookout side a shot of the washington national cathedral, it will be a very nice day, very nice warning tucker has weather julie traffic in just a few moments when we return 7:27 a.m. that fridge in your kitchen may have crossed
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i know how jobs are created. [ male announcer ] romney economics. it didn't work then, and it won't work now. welcome back in sports, the nationals all over the rockies last night adam la roar homers twice, ryan zimmerman collected his 1,000th career hit and homered to help the nats to a 12-5 win in colorado, gio
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konsyl less helped out he struck out 7 batters, they will battle it out tonight. >> the capitals have finally found hair head coach they hired team captain adam oats, he helped lead them to stanley cup finals in 1998 he doesn't have any head coaching experience but has been an assistant with the devils for three years he will be formerly introduced at 3:00 p.m. at verizon center. >> another big sports story after heated debates, college football will finally switch to a new playoff system. >> a group of university president's completed a plan for a four team seated playoff the games will be rotated between six sites and the championship game will be at a neutral site also a selection committee that will rank the final four teams those will be based on wins and losses schedule of strength, head to
7:32 am
head results, and whether a team is a conference champion. >> so we were hoping this can be something that benefits students, adds exitment to the game for fans, that we deal with issues of revenue distribution and access, and a fair and proper way and i think it is a big step forward. we have been talking about it long enough it is nice we did it. >> as he hinted the commissioners and president's aren't done just yet they still have to figure out those revenue sharing issues, and how they will pick the selection committee. something people have been asking for for a long time. >> it is great news. because every year there is a controversy about boise state goes 11 and 1. >> it might have been cool to include a couple more teams rather than just four but it is a step in the right direction. >> maybe they will make it 8. >> one of you explain to me what that story is about later. >> sure. >> okay. >> moving along -- i am just
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being honest. >> moving along, weather will be perfect today temperatures mid-to upper 80s a little warmer but still plenty of sunshine low humidity and that is coming on the heels of a great one yesterday. >> sure was >> i hope you get a chance to enjoy yesterday and today you know what is on the way. >> heat. >> lots of heat and humidity as well temperatures this weekend, well, i will show you if five day in a minute. highs yesterday, 82 degrees, regan national, 82, a few degrees below normal our normal high 87, bwi marshall, 81 degrees great looking afternoon and then of course a cool overnight temperatures falling back into the 50s and low 60s across the area generally, early this morning, 70 washington, nice comfortable start humidity nice and low, 66 annapolis, off to the north and west temperatures back in if low 50s. 52 gaithersburg, warming up out of dulles, 53. 61 fed rick i mentioned warmer our highs this afternoon should
7:34 am
be mid-to upper 80s so we are trending warmer and as we get into friday day, thursday, friday and the weekend, these temperatures will jump back into the 90s. get ready for heat. satellite radar not a lot to show you, not a lot going on high pressure out west, and look at it, clear skies all the way out ohio kentucky indiana, looking at high pressure that will be rolling across the region, next couple days i don't think you will see more than a few fair weather passing clouds no chance for rain here over the near term plenty of heat, out to the west yesterday, daytime highs dallas, 101 degrees that heat headed towards the mid-atlantic we will be on the up trend here temperature wise as we get into the weekend, 87, lots of sunshine, wipeds out of the north and west gusting to 25, pleasant breeze, few clouds warmer overnight, i think you will notice that humidity creeping up overnight 69 the overnight low here is your hot five day forecast summer time
7:35 am
in washington, but, we never look forward to temperatures like this. upper 90s friday, saturday and sunday. the big golf tournament we will talk about drinking lots of water for the weekend generally dry highs near 100 saturday and sunday. okay that is a look at the weather forecast i know where i am headed julie's pool. the latest on your traffic. >> after you put your feet in it there is no room for anybody else. >> we will have to work on that a little bit. >> we need a bigger pool tuck. on the roads very much a busy commute, we are in the spring of things southbound 95, checking for accident report here in 212, keep your eyes peeled for that outer loop remains slow 95 to georgia avenue. inbound suit land parkway 10 minute ride all the lanes open, 295 slowing leaving the belt way, suit land parkway to inbound 11th street bridge. accident activity closes northbound 234, again northbound headed up in the direction of 66 southbound lanes remain open at this time.
7:36 am
eastbound 66 as you make your way in towards fair oaks down to 17 miles an hour, lanes open, in towards the capital belt way no problems to report on the belt way inner loop, below speed leaving annandale, low speed at braddock road, 22 miles an hour, that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thanks so much julie. by a unanimous vote university of virginia's board of visitors reversed itself in its ousting of theresa sell vaughn the woman who -- sullivan the woman who spear headed the effort apologized to the board she calls it a near death experience for uva. joining us this morning robert mccartney metro columnist with the washington post we expected you to be on phone today, but this is a big part of it why you are hear with us this meeting was a half hour. >> i was expecting it to go on for hours and have to spend the
7:37 am
night in charlottesville but it was only over in half an hour. >> amazing the former one we were told was about 12 hours. >> right. >> what happened yesterday. >> well, i think it was all scripted in advance i think it was very important for the board, that this is like the board of trustees university of virginia, the board of visitors, and they -- i think they wanted to make a show of solidarity there had been all this fighting all this controversy, they were under huge criticism, from the entire university community, for having ousted the president, theresa sullivan and they decided they were going the put her back, reinstate her and wanted to make a big show of all of us are in this together, we are bringing the family, they said that, the university of virginia family back together again. all sweetness and light and positive comments yesterday the two main rivals theresa
7:38 am
sullivan ousted president, now reinstated and helen dragas the rector or head of board of visitors basically behind the original ousting. >> there she is. >> they made a show of walking in together, and then after they reinstated sullivan there was then a vote, of confidence in dragas even though she was the one responsible for the whole mess. >> what is the subtext of all of this? because it is such a drama that played out relatively quickly, what is going on? >> well, what is really going on is two things. the first thing is that there is a real crisis, for public universities right now the states and federal government are cutting back investment, no one wants to pay higher tuitions because of economic troubles donations are down. there is a whole new threat to the established model of higher education from online learning,
7:39 am
which some schools are going ahead full bore on that, and trying to make a lot of money off it, and other you know sort of mortraditional universities are trying to figure out how to keep up university of virginia the original view of the board of visitors was that this president didn't have a strategic plan for how to deal, with all of these very fast changing environment in higher education world. >> right. >> that is one thing that went on the second thing is that the board of visitors, completely messed up i mean they were worried about this, they wanted to force the issue, but they completely mishandled it, did it in secrecy, basically a small kabul led by this rector dragas did this on their own they never had a full vote on whether or not to throw out the president, they didn't consult
7:40 am
other constituencies no communication within the board no communication between the board and president no communication between the board and the faculty or the students or the alumna or donors or anybody so they did this, presented it, didn't explain themselves well for days and days, basically said we know what is best we are in charge, it turned out, that sullivan had huge support,. >> huge support. >> in faculty and students among alumna. ultimately in the political world in richmond, which is ultimately the authority here, there was a huge backlash against the board for how they handled it and over the substance of what they did and they read the writing on the wall and backed down and then tried to pretend as though everybody was all kumbaya and they are all back together and happy days here again. the director who was behind the
7:41 am
whole thing apologized but also said at least -- she tried to put a positive spin on this and said well, at least this is called attention to issues going on here, and there are some you know benefits from this near death experience but i would be very surprised if she is still the rector of the university of vir virginia, -- virginia after sunday when her term expires and i would be surprised if the governor reappoints her although i suppose it is possible but it seems, doesn't seem like a wise move on my part. >> sure is fascinating. >> it is. >> bob mccartney, metro columnist with the post tony back over to you. thank you 7:41 a.m., listen to this the west nile virus is turning up in local mosquitoes where next. >> an unusual sight at one of new york's airports all eyes were on this horse and her handleer that story after the break. 7:41 a.m. [ female announcer ] the son of a single mom.
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proud father of two daughters. that women being paid 77 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men isn't just unfair... it hurts families. so the first law he signed was the lilly ledbetter fair pay act to help ensure that women are paid the same as men
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for doing the exact same work. because president obama knows that fairness for women means a stronger middle class for america. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message. >> making headlines west nile
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vivos is turning up in -- virus is turning up in the dc region. some of the bugs were collected in wood bridge. residents are encouraged to dump or drain standing water. >> the pair was the center of attention as they deboarded a plane in albany new york, mona and call lee flew from baltimore to visit the woman who found and trained callie she helps her do everything from crossing the street to picking up objects there are only six seeing eye horses in the u.s. calli ex-is one of them you might say why -- callie is one of them. why a seeing eye horse. dogs usually serve 10 years these horses and they are tiny serve 30 years. >> obviously you can't have that every place. >> where do you put the horse on the plane. >> that is a big question to
7:46 am
me. >> the size of like a german shepherd or great dane. >> a little bigger. >> lay in the aisle? i don't know. >> you can't block the aisle. any way we will find out. >> really not the point. >> the weather forecast nice cool start to your day high temperatures later this afternoon warmer than yesterday, well into the 80s, mid-80s for afternoon highs it will still be comfortable humidity in check one more day 70 regan national, nice, comfortable overnight, 63, dulles, fredericksburg, ocean city nice day for you on tap, 61 degrees, currently down at the board walk, all right, let's talk temperature trend, as i like to say this trend is not our friend. >> that is a good one. >> he gets better every day. >> i do. >> you writing those out. >> yes, i do. >> friday and saturday, highs upper 90s awfully close to records around here, by the weekend get ready for lots of heat otherwise nice looking day
7:47 am
sunshine no today and next -- today and next several days, we could use more rain and let's hope we get some your hot five day after today we are off and running highs upper 90s. >> here we go again. >> thanks tucker. >> julie wright with the latest on traffic. >> do i have to rhyme as well. >> you do as a matter of fact. >>ing and fire because he is my -- spitting fire because he is my desire. >> how much do you want a whole rap concert? i liked it julie. >> it is a start julie. >> tony wants the whole thing. >> very demanding. >> that was just right off the top of my head some of us comedians didn't have time to write it all out. check this out, wazers are very busy giving us the heads up what is happening on 66th for starters eastbound out of gainsville more derails as you head out of manassas almost a 40 minute ride there.
7:48 am
thank you very much mrs. brown, checking us out part of our fox 5 waze group police activity also visible contributing to the delay as you travel eastbound 66 accident activity, 16 miles an hour northbound, 234 south prince william parkway, accident activity has the roadway shut down, southbound expect a rubber necking delay there. one of our new features with this waze application which i truly like they are checking in with various gas prices from various gas stations along we have applications for bp, phillips and so forth. out of manassas, 3.17, average price 3.59 premium just down in manassas by contrast travelling up in reston, excuse me centerville. 3.39 for regular and 3.69 for premium thank you for checking in with us. meanwhile other side of town very much a business see ride
7:49 am
top stretch of the belt way, below speed, 95 around college park no big surprise, 95, south, 212 nothing popped up in your way, inner loop, braddock road down to 22 miles an hour, outer loop of the belt way, van dooren to 13 miles an hour that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. call it an extreme make over school edition. >> holly is live at a local middle school with details good morning. >> good morning you are exactly right school is out here at thomas johnson but as you can hear, the halls are busy and work has already begun this school is indeed getting a major make over, and it all has to do with a big conference next week and some wonderful educators volunteering of their time. in fact volunteers are just arriving we will check with them and find out why this is all happening live next fox 5 morning news stay with us  [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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7:53 am
>> as a way to give back to the community a group of national education association students, started a project to make over a school in need. >> that was back in 1996, today hundreds of volunteers are making their way to prince georges county. holly has more now live from thomas johnson middle school. good morning. >> good morning to you. next week is national education association's big conference the host city is washington dc each year since 1996 they decided to pick a school, in the host city, and refurbish it and kind of get everyone excited about the upcoming conference. thomas johnson middle school is the lucky recipient that makes no one happier than dr. robinson the principal good morning. >> good morning. >> i just found out it is his birthday today so we are doing this for your birthday.
7:54 am
>> indeed. >> look at these supplies your school is going to look different come end of the day >> it is. we are looking forward to the scholars coming in next year they will be coming in to a brand new refurbished school. >> when did you find out your school was the one to get the prize. >> we found out spring and when i was given the announcement, we -- i couldn't say anything right then and there because it was going to be validated once it was validated i was able to tell the staff. i still haven't told the staff the lounge is being redone i wanted the keep that as a secret. >> any staff watching knows it pays to be a fox 5 morning viewer. >> right. >> how much is this needed. >> very much needed. very much needed our scholars are going to come into something that is brand new a very new style and thanks to nea and their efforts, we will have what we've always wanted. >> two things one i love the fact you refer to your students as scholars that is super cool and two, this is going to be
7:55 am
one of your most memorable birthdays ever. >> yes, it is. >> we will head out to the hall here, buses just rolled up our volunteers are arriving and literally have come from across the country, i will check with tommy, the nea student program chair good morning. >> good morning. >> what is on tap. >> a lot of things, some painting, landscaping, we are getting the teachers lounge all fixed up as much as we can do to be able to get things rejuvenated and brighten it up. >> sounds like your volunteers are excited. >> very excited. >> you have done this before. >> yes. >> what do you find those volunteers get out of the day. >> just being in the school we are all teachers being able to give pack the studentfaculty and staff means a lot to them. being a part of something like this and help out really just helps them. >> hi what is your name. >> no tv. >> okay you were just on tv and we are glad you are here thank you for coming and thank you for volunteering. who wants to be on tv.
7:56 am
>> here we go. i am really not that scary. >> from maine. >> welcome from maine. >> georgia. >> wisconsin. what are you guys doing today. >> oklahoma. >> all right. kentucky. >> missouri. this is like a geography lesson we have some who don't want to be on tv. >> some are shy. >> they are having their pep rally now how does this day go from there. >> we bet the project started, supplies handed out we give them tools. >> how long will y'all be here. >> until 5. >> it is a full day of work. >> we get a lot done in a short time. >> do you find it is fun for educators to mix and mingle with each other and talk about what is going on in their home school. >> we have college students to retired teachers teachers retired for 30 years being able to come back and mix with the feature teachers they love it >> we love being here our website we have a link to outreach to teach,
7:57 am
that is what this particular program is called as part of the nea next hour, we will work on some of those projects guys and check with the holdst volunteer 97 -- oldest volunteer who is 97 and check with the volunteers who came the further from hawaii. >> fantastic. that is great. >> thank you. ahead at 8, talking kids and sun screen. a lot of questions about this, a dermatologist is here to talk about when you should reapply and which sun screen protects you best. and let's put on our thinking caps we are taking a quiz on summer food safety what you need to know the next time you fire up the grill. coming up in today's consumer reports we will be right back k
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
. straight ahead, the campaign trail show down president obama and mitt romney go head to head, over the economy and health care reform we will have a live report. >> plus up in smoke, wild fires out west claim their first fatality, tens of thousands of people flee the flames.
8:01 am
later, saying goodbye to one of the silver screen's masters of romantic comedy how hollywood is mourning the death of nora effron. good wednesday morning i am allison seymour. >> she was a great writer. >> really was. >> it is just a moment after 8:00 a.m. tucker barnes is here. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> nice start to your day, temperatures back see the upper 50s, 60s. >> windows up. >> yeah, windows up, windows down in your car. >> down in the car you got that right. >> few changes a little warmer than yesterday, and then as you get into the weekend, heat will be back on advice get out and enjoy your lunch today outdoors, it may be indoors here on out. not for the rest of the summer but next couple days check out humidity 44% winds out of the north and west delivering refreshing air around here at 15 miles per hour, looking at the satellite radar not a lot of features to talk about clear skies across the mid-atlantic, portions of new nice
8:02 am
and quiet out towards great lakes high pressure building through the area, nothing more than a few passing fair weather clouds just like yesterday, a nice afternoon, should be dry for you, just a little warmer than yesterday, highs expected to top out, in the mid-to upper 80s. this is about where we should be this time of year, i think their average daytime high 87 degrees, we will do that at 4:00 p.m. great looking forecast again, enjoy today because it will get warmer from here. >> thank you tucker. let's go to julie wright now she will tell us how the roads are shaping up. >> all right you guys on the roadway you will find your lanes are open if you are travelling southbound along 270 working your way in from rockville headed out towards the lane divide no incident to report, traffic volume heavy and slow moving as you work your way out on to the outer loop of the belt way volume increasing across the american legion bridge no problems reported other side of town very much a busy ride very much a slow go as you travel out of annandale towards merry field,
8:03 am
outer loop end of that, leaving van dooren towards telegraph road. thanks new this morning prince georges county police need your help finding a missing teenager. this is 17-year-old shatima erica williams she disappeared last night, 5:00 p.m., leaving her home on murray hill drive we know she spoke with her case worker 9:00 p.m. last night that case worker says williams has the mental capacity of a 12-year-old and worried about her. williams was last seen wearing a light blue shirt with light blue capri pants carrying a pink purse. our other top story, mother natures fury right now wild fires and water are wreaking havoc in parts of colorado and florida. we begin in colorado springs that is where officials evacuated more than two thousand airforce cadets as a
8:04 am
fast moving fire moves towards the military academy, others have evacuated the region as firefighters cope with record setting heat. nearly 260 homes are burned to the ground in the 136-acre fire that scorched the north earn part of the state, authorities in central utah found the body of a woman in an evacuated region, marking the first casualty of the western wild fires. moving to florida, forecasters down graded debbie to a tropical depression but the storm still packs a punch after sitting motionless for days off the florida panhandle, debbie could head out the sea as early as this afternoon but not before drenching parts to have state with up to 26 inches of rain, causing some serious flooding. now officials are warning of the potential dangers of walking in the knee deep water such adds snakes and storm drains. the clock is ticking there are 131 days until the november
8:05 am
general election, on the campaign trail, president obama and mitt romney are focused on the economy and supreme court's upcoming decision on the health care reform law. fox 5s sherry lee is in the newsroom with the latest good morning. good morning allison. president obama and mitt romney will be dualing it out across the potomac. the president with a private event in dc romney the presumptive nominee at a campaign stop in northern virginia both sides have been ramping up the attack the former governor got his digs in, while in se lem virginia yesterday he took the president to task over health care reform, romney wanted it over turned if that happens he calls obama's first term a complete waste. he didn't stop there attacking the president and making his case for the white house. >> the economy is not working immigration is not working, this president is not working in the right way for the american people it is time for
8:06 am
that to change. president obama threw a few jabs of his own at romney with stops in atlanta and miami the president had a few things to say he accused romney and gop of catering to the rich and forgetting the poor and middle class ahead of the high court's ruling the president defended his law the ruling will no doubt play a pivotal role in the campaign. >> american people understand that we are not going to make progress going backwards we need to go forward. they understand we don't need to refight this battle over health care, it is the right thing to do. >> this afternoon romney will stop at a business in sterling virginia and then obama will hit the campaign trail next week after the 4th of july holiday on a two day bus tour through ohio and pennsylvania, two key swing states right now, polls show the two candidates are neck and neck with just over 4 months before election
8:07 am
day. all right sherry thank you. meantime, on capital hill the senate may have reached a deal to free student loan interest rates for one year but its future in the house is still up in the air the deal would with paid for with money from democratic backed pension proposal if both chambers don't agree the rates would double to more than 6%. our big story this wednesday morning theresa sullivan once again the leader of the university of virginia. >> this after the board of visitors unanimously voted to reappoint her as president at their meeting yesterday. earlier this month sullivan was forced to resign due to philosophical differences. the rector who lead the fight to oust sullivan apologized at the meeting for the way the process was handled. the newly reappointed president
8:08 am
called for unity on campus. >> there is no time for residual hostility toward anyone perceived to have been on the other side, of recent disagreements. we can go forward with what is best for the university, only if we go forward together. [ applause ] >> after the vote, virginia governor mcdonald thanked the board for bringing the matter to a close. this morning charges pending against a man at the center of a 28 hour police stand off in falls church. the barricade situation came to an end last night, when police finally arrested the suspect. police say they were responding to a family fight when the stand off began. they say the suspect had a gun and may have fired a shot as they were helping two family members out of that house. still no word on the suspect's identity or specific motives. it is a harsh reminder that the war in afghanistan is still taking a toll on our military. the families of two marines in
8:09 am
our area are in mourning today. lance corporal nile cody sears died last saturday during combat operations in hell man provinces he was just 23 years old lance corporal eugene mills the third was killed one day earlier in the same area. other news now today the washington capitals will make it officials future hall of famer oats is -- future hall of famer oats is taking the team's rains he comes as an assistant with the dells, but he is no straineningers to the nations capital he -- stranger to the nations capital he played six seasons, he replaces dale hunter who left the team after less than one season. college football finally getting a playoff system the group of university president's who over see college football bowl championship series, met
8:10 am
in dc, they approve add four team seeded playoff that will begin after the 2014 season the games will retate between six -- rotate between six bowl sites and a selection committee that will rank the final four teams. >> finally. all right. remarkable historic hand shake marks a new age of peace in great britain why the queen spent the morning meeting with the leader of an accused terror group. >> first, what every parent needs to know about sun screen before sending your kids off to pool or camp this summer. we will sit down with dr. howard brooks. 8:10 a.m.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
>> it is 8:13 a.m., stories making headlines an historic hand shake in northern ireland, queen elizabeth the second shaking hands with the former commander of the irish republican army a symbol of peace and progress comes after
8:14 am
decades of deadly violence. experts say mcguiness was the ira chief of staff when the troupe assassinated the queen's cousin in 1979. the political party he now heads refused any contact with british royals, until today. >> all right. closer to home, national hiv testing day health officials urge everyone between the ages of 13 and 64 to get tested. annual testing is recommended for people at high risk, you can find a link to local testing sites on click on web links for that. smithsonian folk life festival kicks off with a free concert observing the national mall. music legends, george clinton, ivan neville and the group dunst da funk. are performing. >> wouldn't be right without them.
8:15 am
>> that will be quite a show. >> wow. >> let's go to tucker barnes now he has weather and more. >> much more. >> much more thank you very much time now for our my first 5 photo of the day. i guess we are getting cute. we don't need to cool down a whole lot. good morning and hello to taylor danielle bergman. >> big name. >> big name. >> for a big man. >> big man, get this his future is so bright,. >> he has to wear shades. >> he has to wear shades. >> love it. >> cutie. this picture was taken, well, i don't know when this was taken because, the prompter is not running thank you guys this was submitted by his mom jessica who he says he is a huge huge fan of the segment, send us your child's picture go to and click on mornings thank you so much taylor you will need those sunglasses today, tomorrow through the weekend including the folk life festival as our sunshine is going to be burning
8:16 am
bright around here for the next couple days. let's do temperatures and after cooling off overnight back into the 50s. low 60s gradually starting to warm up nothing too extreme 70 washington 61 degrees in frederick, 63 winchester and let's see fredericksburg on the 50s. 69 degrees for you in for another nice one lots of sunshine expected still low humidity, changes as we get into thursday and the end of the week in the form of warmer temperatures here is your 5 day forecast, 87 this afternoon, plenty of sunshine, notice we will be dry the next couple days, chance for a scattered thunderstorm will arrive friday by friday saturday and sunday lookout here comes heat highs upper 90s we will be close to records this weekend. >> more weather coming up in minutes traffic time julie wright has your latest. all right tucker on the roads, 234, northbound, that is 234, prince william parkway still blocked off due to
8:17 am
accident activity, westbound, 66, west of the belt way solar lane before you reach nuttily, remains of an incident off the road to the shoulder 66 eastbound, big delays out of manassas, headed in through the capital belt way and you will find slow moving traffic inbound new york avenue getting to those traffic lights, leaving northeast to northwest all lanes open. now mr. perkins are you listening? you set me up for a challenge a few moments ago is he there? did he step away? here is the challenge he wanted to know if i could rap a report i have six seconds, accident on the shoulder is what i told you you driving the head 234 to nuttily street see tony i told you jury just don't know i can rap this show, i can even call it stop and go slow. word. >> fantastic julie. that is fantastic. >> see. >> you got skills. >> see you guys tomorrow. >> thank you julie. >> mc julie wright. >> there you go. >> all right listen up this is
8:18 am
important before you send the kids out to the community pool today camp or just outdoors to play, you need to make sure they are protected against the brutal summer sun. now you may slatter them with sun screen before they leave but is that enough to keep them protected all day long joining us with answers is dr. brooks dermatologist with skin cosmetic dermatology in georgetown how are you. >> how are you doing. >> good. we have products here, we are not talking about any specific brands but just want to talk about the different types of sun screen, different spf levels and all that you can spray, rub on all that kind of thing i have a lot of specific questions we will jump right in. >> certainly. >> first of all if you are a parent and put sun screen on your kid early in day and they go out to play or off to camp is that enough to protect them all day do they need to reapply. >> everyone needs to reapply approximately every 2 hours. unless you are sweating a lot every hour. >> okay. what is the most effective way to do that with kids who are
8:19 am
going to be separated from you, say at a summer camp or something in some instances some of these camps won't apply sun screen to your children, they need a note from you or something or maybe they will spray them what is the most effective way >> i think you hit two really good points number one it is important to have parents write a letter it is okay to apply sun screen on my child and there are sprays you can spray the child every couple hours, better if you rub the spray in but if the parent doesn't want to do that or the counsellor is not comfortable, spraying is fine. better to get a little bit on. >> generally speaking are the lotions or the creams, more effective than the sprays. >> not necessarily, sprays are just as effective as gels and lotions and creams as long as you rub them in. >> okay. when you apply sun screen whether it is to your kids or yourself, we had a big debate about this in our meeting yesterday, do you apply it and
8:20 am
leave a layer of the cream or lotion visible? you know how you see the white cream or rub it in completely. >> rub it in so you don't see it any more you want it inside the skin and absorb to protect incorrectly then. >> a lot of times, that is the reason why especially people of color don't want to wear sun screen because it leaves a whitish film but if you keep rubbing it in, it will absorb in. >> water proof sun screen are they effective. >> no, you won't see as of this month the words water proof any more because it is not water proof. >> very good i did not know that. >> water proof we have sun screen okay we are talking -- we lead into this talking about children how do you protect your children some times you are separated from them during the day sun screens made for children are they specifically made for children? because of some in some way because of the chemicals or
8:21 am
also effective for adults and can children use adult sun screen. >> they can. it is just labeling the way they market certain creams for men or women. as long as you have spf 15 or above you are fine reapply every two hours. >> at what age can we assume that our children are adept at applying. >> you know your own child i would say, if they can put on their own proust riser and brush their -- midst riser and brush their own feet. babies, five, -- teeth. >> babies, five, sessions months old. >> new guidelines, six months of age and older below you want the protect them with clothing, umbrellas, wide brimmed hat. >> maybe keep them out of the sun. >> keep them under the umbrella. >> and spf levels they are, different ones are effective, more effective than others generally speaking the higher the number the more protection. >> correct. as dermatologists we want to
8:22 am
say you want spf 15 or above some say i use spf 100 that is not providing more protection than 30 as long adds they are using spf i am fine. >> you don't have to go crazy. >> no. >> spf 30 is fine. >> hope you all got that there was a great debate yesterday, dr. brooks thanks. >> all right. >> allison over to you. >> can >> she is the woman behind some of the most recognizable moments in romantic comedy on the big screen now hollywood is mourning the loss of nora effron we will take a look back at our life and legacy. later a make over for one prince georges county middle schooler, holly morris is live with a sneak peek at the summer facelift lift 
8:23 am
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8:25 am
>> meg ryan and tom hanks in the movie you've got mail. it was written by the woman known as mother of romantic comedy. >> nora effron who helped lay the trail for female film makers died at the age of 71
8:26 am
last night she was not only a screen writer and director but accomplished journalist and author her films are unforgettable she was nominated for sleepless seattle and when harry met sally. hollywood celebrities are reacting to her passing. billy crystal said she was a brilliant writer and humourist. being her harry to met sally will always be a special place in my heart. >> tom hanks wrote she knew what was important to know how things really worked what was worth while who was fascinating and why. still ahead next half hour new details about the night george zimmerman shot trayvon martin how it could help the prosecution. >> summer food safety. fox consumer reporter, joining us live to talk about ways to stay healthy 8:26 a.m.
8:27 am
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8:30 am
checking some of the stories making headlines around the nation this morning for the first time we are hearing audio tapes from mathew sandusky, describing the alleged sexual abuse by his adopted father jerry sandusky. his son told police he was repeatedly molested and he would try to avoid being touched. last week a jury found sandusky guilty of abusing ten boys over a 15 year period he hasn't been formally charged with abusing his adopted son. >> george zimmerman passed a lie detector test but missedopportunities today fuse the situation the night he shot trayvon martin he said he did not confront the unarmed teen and he feared for his life. police report also reveals zimmerman did not identify himself as neighbourhood watch commander. city in california is about to become the largest in the u.s. to file for bankruptcy protection.
8:31 am
officials in stockton california failed to reach a deal to restructure hundreds of millions of dollars of debt. one big reason the city fell so far behind, housing collapse. stockton has the nations second highest foreclosure rate. bad times out there. >> sad news out there. >> around here weather wise gorgeous yesterday of course temperatures only low 80s low humidity,. >> took full advantage. >> yeah, like last summer we didn't have too many days >> i can't remember last week up ther i don't remember -- >> -- tucker. >> you don't remember last summer or the summer before. >> no. >> i will remind you this week. a live shot you can see what a beautiful start to the day, visibility is great without much water in the air or haze we can see a great distance should be another beautiful day nice breeze out of the north and west that will lock in the relatively dry air for this time of year this afternoon temperatures bouncing a little bit, but, again, off to a fine start, 72 regan national, 70
8:32 am
annapolis, temperatures overnight fell back to 50s places like manassas, overnight low was 54. 50s dulles, 57 you get the idea here. we will be warmer than yesterday, enjoying the breezes and lots of sunshine in your forecast for wednesday. this will be another nice one and then of course the warm up really gets going, starting tomorrow afternoon here is your temperature trend the next couple days, and sorry that it is featuring upper 90s by friday and saturday, we will get awfully close once again to records, friday and the weekend, we will see more heat advisories, excessive heat watch will be issued late in the week as temperatures surge as we have a lot of warm air, hot air just out to our west. satellite radar nice and quiet, jet stream doing one of these, down to our south temporarily. the jet stream will retreat north and allow that hot air off to our south and west we will see a lot of sunshine next couple days maybe a few thunderstorms by friday afternoon until then nice and
8:33 am
dry and again dealing with these extreme temperatures once again as we get into the weekend. wednesday, today, 87, thursday 93 and there you go upper 90s with plenty of sunshine this weekend, it is going to definitely be on the hot side. that is a look at weather let's do whatever allison is going to do. >> with the heat comes outside, prime time for that summer picnic you may be serving up hidden dangers if you are not careful about summer food safety, steve noviello joins us live from dallas he has props folks he has details also on how to stay safe good morning steve. >> good morning to you allison i have props i hope you have a pencil it is time for a little quiz this morning. all right let's start here a lot of folks packing up the cooler, 4th of july next wednesday here is your first question when packing raw food in a cooler you intend to grill, where do you put it? bottom middle or top? >> i think the middle wouldn't
8:34 am
i put some ice on the bottom? >> you actually want it on the bottom that way if there is any sort of contaminants that leak it it doesn't cross contaminate anything else in your cooler. maybe a nice layer of ice you eat an apple you wash the skin what about a melon you don't eat the outside do you have you to wash it. >> you do. well done because here is the deal a lot of people don't realize there could be hidden back tier you on the rind of the melon when we cut into it the knife will transfer some of that bacteria, on to the interior eating surface, of the melon. >> next step, marinating this summer a lot of folks marinating their steaks here is the question you have your steak in your marinade take it out to grill can you use the left over marinade to make a sauce >> i am going to say that is not a real steak and no >> my dog would beg to differ.
8:35 am
you actually can, but you need to make sure you boil that marinade for at least 30 seconds before you turn it into a sauce to consume. let's talk about cutting boards and cross contamination. what is the best one to use, to not cross contaminate wood, plastic acrylic or glass. >> glass steve. >> a lot of folks go with glass it is a good deal for cross contamination but can damage your knives and result in an even more unsafe situation with jagged edges your best bet is going to be a plastic or io cellic now they have these new -- acrylic now they have these new boards that don't need to be oiled like a regular wood cutting board. which of the following signs indicate food has been
8:36 am
contaminated by bacteria like e coli, or salmonella. >> i got to go with none of the above steve got to just do it. >> well, done. here is the big mistake we see so many people at picnics they open up a bag of food and give it the old smell test and look test when we are talking about contaminants like e-coli or salmonella they don't tend to announce themselves with any of those signs best bet for summer food safety if you have a question whether or not food has any contaminants, make sure you are cooking it to an appropriate temperature and storing it both before and after left overs after consumption. you did pretty good not a bad deal >> i did poorly but you did well thank you. thanks so much steve. >> you got it. >> tony over to you >> i did worse than you allison. >> 8:36 a.m., district suffers another big set back on the road to home rule. coming up later, we will tell you what killed the city's latest shot at budget autonomy.
8:37 am
>> oreo cookieses under fire why this ad has some people swearing off the cookies and cream, 8:37 a.m. we will be right back 
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
oreo cookieses getting criticism for this image posted on its facebook page along with the text saying proudly support love in honor of gay pride week. of course, the rainbow cream colors aren't real it has more than 165,000 likes but everyone isn't happy some are calling for a boycott of the popular sandwich cookie. i have no comment. >> loan --'s famous clock tower giving a -- london's famous clock tower giving a nod to the queen. >> its official name, to elizabeth tower, its official name is the clock tower we all call it big ben. big ben is actually a nickname for the 13 and a half tonne bell, that the tower houses. now prime minister cameron called the change a fitting tribute to elizabeth, during her diamond jubilee she is only the second queen in england's history to celebrate a diamond jubilee.
8:41 am
>> another note from across the pond, the spice girls are ready to introduce a whole new generation to girl power. ♪ [ music ] >> they reunited yesterday, to announce a new musical called viva forever based on their hit songs it hit it is stage in december london's pick dilly theatre they made the announcement at the same london hotel where they filmed this video for wannabe back in 1996. in other news to make you feel a little old this morning -- trying to remember that story. >> can't remember it >> i know, you know, the game, atari. >> celebrating its 40th anniversary. >> there you go. >> thank you. >> 8:41 a.m. on wednesday morning still ahead on fox 5 morning news even more health benefits from that cup of coffee in the morning, and sleep at night.
8:42 am
>> first let's head out to holly, where she is lending a hand to help middle school with a make over. >> project 12, cafeteria,. they are getting a huge make over thanks to outreach to teach we will tell you about it and show you first hand why the halls here are busy during this summer vacation live next fox 5 morning news, ready to work? are you ready to work? 
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
welcome back 8:45 a.m., a bill in senate that would have given district of columbia, a bill over the budget is with drawn. too much was being tacked on amendments attached that would have relaxed the district's gun laws kentucky congressman rand paul introduced an amendment to make it easier for city residents to carry weapons. maryland now, montgomery county students will no longer
8:46 am
receive flyers from nonprofit organizations when they return to school this fall. montgomery county board of education banned nonprofits from distributing leaflets to middle and high schoolers the new policy is the result of an incident that took place earlier this year when an organization sent home a flyer many students and educators thought was anti gay. member offs national education association are in dc for their annual convention but if you thing it is all meetingparties downtown think again. >> in fact, hundreds of nea volunteers made their way to prince georges county this morning for a day of hard work. let's check back with holly morris live at thomas johnson middle school. good morning. >> it is hard work but you know it is a party atmosphere here too this morning everyone is really excited about what is going to go on here it is a total transformation for this middle school all in presue of the educational -- preview of the educational conference going on. they pick a city in the host
8:47 am
city of the conference and give it a facelift. i want to introduce you the vice principal here. >> good morning. >> this is a big day. >> yes, a great day for thomas johnson middle school. >> people might be going gosh that school name sounds familiar this was the home school for christa mccullough who lost her life in the space shuttle disaster. yes, our scholars deserve this, they work hard they need to come to a place where the environment fosters instruction. >> we want to give something special to the inproduct instructors we -- instructors we want to show you the lounge. >> new appliances. >> refrigerator. >> some furniture that has to be unpacked how excited will your teachers be when they find their new lounge. >> police that i know have been dealing with some old
8:48 am
furniture, -- listen, they have been dealing with some old furniture they will appreciate it. >> they need to feel appreciated we appreciate them. if you had the give a feel of what the old lounge felt like how would you describe it. i will describe it for you the old lounge had wooden circular tables here, old furniture that probably was 1970, a couple refrigerators fairly knew but had their time. >> retro but not because you decided it that way. >> not at all. >> it was actually 1970. >> not a theme. >> it will look brand spanking new come time when all these volunteers are done >> thank you sir i want to check with say man that roberts, -- samantha roberts, project 13, teachers lounge what are you guys going to do. >> first start painting the walls a beautiful blue color we got them a really big screen tv so they can watch tv and got them a knockoff fee pot and also painting some -- them a
8:49 am
coffee pot and also painting some cabinets, we have a lot of members it will go pretty quick and hopefully the teachers like it. >> who comes up with like exactly what you are going to do. >> actually the adults come up and give us a little freedom as to with a we are going the paint on the walls give us the colors, and give us supplies and then we kind of just make our own decisions as to what we paint. >> how do you decide who does what >> they just give me members i ask what they want to do if they want the paint or put furniture together and then, pretty much i let them decide, because i would not want to be stuck doing a job i didn't want to do all day long. >> you came up from florida. >> yes. >> why are you a part of outreach to teach >> i think that is a really good renovation system i would love to go back to a school totally renovated after summer especially a school that needs it it is good to help out a community we are staying in for a couple weeks chef >> absolutely. i want to check with the group
8:50 am
that traveled the farthest that would be the group from hawaii. all right. there they are. already hard at work tell me your name. >> sarah. >> okay sarah so now why did you decide to go into education. >> because i have always loved kids they are like the best thing in the world i want to teach them how the learn and what to do. >> have you been to dc before. >> my first time. >> so you are starting off spending your day here. >> yes. >> pretty good what else do you get to do while here. >> we hope to go to georgetown to be the get dinner, visit around -- to get some dinner visit around the national monuments. >> how many times have you painted in your life. >> like none. >> well, now is the time the start go ahead pick up that brush. there is nothing like learning how to paint on live tv go ahead and do it will i check with your friend here. >> lacy. >> okay, so you came all the way from hawaii are you from hawaii. >> california originally. >> but live there now. >> yep. >> what made you decide to be a
8:51 am
part of outreach to teach. >> well, i am really into education, my mom and step dad are teachers, and i am the president of college of student association at uh. >> what do you think of this event going on here. >> amazing i think it is just awesome to see everybody get together all around the nation and work together and just do a really good thing. >> have you been to dc before. >> first time to greater washington area. we love it. >> who else from hawaii. >> julie. >> how was the flight >> long. 9.5 hours i am happy it was direct. >> direct flight from honolulu. >> yes. >> thousand you are in maryland what do you think. >> good experience i love to travel, i am glad you know i get a chance to do this and help out,. >> think you will make a difference here today. >> definitely >> ready to work all day long. >> definitely. >> you know it will be almost 100 degrees by the end of the
8:52 am
week >> i am ready. >> someone from hawaii should be, if anybody, usually like 80 degrees and nice wind blowing off the ocean there. >> we won't have that. none the less, last and final question what do you think of this paint color. >> love the color. i love it. >> the teachers will love it too that is key. >> aloha love right there >> love it. well, they will love you being here our website we have a link to outreach to teach and i know we said we would talk to the oldest volunteer i am a little concerned they can't locate her y'all. she is 97 but hopefully she is here working somewhere we will have her next hour. back to you in studio the first coat of paint goes on. >> exciting. thank you. health alert for coffee lovers out there, myself included. >> that morning cup of joe could be good for your heart. now you have to listen closely though a new american heart association study suggests drinking two 8-ounce cups of coffee a day lowers risk of
8:53 am
developing heart failure by 11%, scientists think it lowers risk for diabetes which in turn lowers risk for heart failure results show drinking four cups a day, seems to weaken the protection, and five cups or more could actually cause harm. two cups a day. >> external stimulation during sleep could strengthen your memory. according to a new study reinforces what you have already learned but doesn't teach new skills researchers at northwestern university taught participants two new musical tunes before having them take a nap. during that time researchers played one of the new songs when the subjects woke up they had to play both songs again research which ares found they made fewer mistakes on the song they heard while sleeping. >> that is interesting. >> what we reported was good. >> bieber fever, is real, neurorow scientists says the a
8:54 am
normal part of adolescent life. thank goodness i thought i was so weird with michael jackson what can look like mass hysteria is harmless stage in adolescent develop. scientists understand why girls in particular become passionate about musicians. musical taste become part of the brain's internal wiring. ladies be on the lookout for a little eye candy, men in their boxers. out in broad daylight. >> that's right it is all very innocent and for a good cause today is the fifth annual men's warehouse national suit drive. >> keep talking. >> men dress only in boxers, dress shoes and ties and carry a sign that says get the suit off your back it is a push to donate work attire so unemployed men can look good on
8:55 am
job interviews. see, here is the double standard, if it was women in bikinis or something we would not give specific locations where you could go see them. >> please. >> we would not. >> okay. >> i appreciate and applaud what you are doing whatever that story was about. >> men's warehouse. >> okay. >> coming up during the 9:00 a.m. hour hiv rate if dr is one of -- dc is one of the worst in the nation. coming up fox 5 morning news at 9 where you can go for a free test today. later more fists fly over pop star rhianna. details when we sit down with dax holt, time now 8:55 a.m., we will be right back 
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>> good morning i am tony perkins. >> right now at 9, a lot of focus on the campaign trail. the stakes are high as supreme court raises its decision on health care. sherry lee live with the latest. >> then dramatic video out of colorado where the latest wild fire turns deadly, and forces thousands more from their homes. we've got a look at who it is effecting. >> raising awareness about hiv, free testing being offered today we will tell you where you can get checked out. and you don't want to miss some fun we are going to have this morning with this, acdc pin ball machine. this machine could be yours next month find out how some of you or how you can get some great rock shows and take home this awesome prize. we get to play it. >> i mean that is worth like thousands of dollars. >> yeah, that is worth about $8,000. tucker and i played this


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